Apr 2018 - now (Software Developer, Novabase - Madrid)
Build a system for radio stations that detect news and advertisement, remove advertisement, cut, process, translate and publish audio (in alexa, google, apple, podcast, json, html pages). Monitoring failure and loading of system (using grafana and elasticsearch).
August 2017 - April 2018 (Software Developer, IBM - Madrid)
Collect data from different ticketing application, excel, txt, logs, emails and generate reports and statistics.
March 2015 - August 2017 (Software Developer, Novabase - Madrid)
Maintain and develop new feature for an application that manage audio and video for all Prisa Group pages (cadenaser, diarioas, elpais).
Jun 2014 - Feb 2015 (Software Developer, Promotouch - Madrid)
Working with PHP , Javascript, GIT, Ansible, Ant, Tdd to develop application for urban use (Arturo Soria comercial center - coupon application, Lancome - inteligent mirror application).
March 2014 - May 2014 (Software Developer, Genexies Mobile - Madrid)
Create module for a product specialized in create web pages(specialized for download music or games) for mobile devices. This product is used by vodafone, telefonica, movistar (ex: emocion.movistar.es). Working with capistrano, xulrunner, symfony, php, mysql, ruby, mercurial, ubuntu, jira, agile
Jul 2012 - Feb 2014 (Software Developer, Pipeline - Madrid)
Working on a booking product. I used gearmand y mysql slaves for loading balance and I working to add new features for this product. Working with php, mysql, redmine, git, svn, ubuntu, centos.
April 2011 - April 2012 (Software Developer, Dejavu Arts - Madrid)
Working for different web pages http://www.leopard.es, http://www.carnevillamaria.com, http://www.realcafebernabeu.es with different frameworks: joomla, prestashop, magento. Create module/components for this frameworks, migrate old shops to new technologies.
Dec 2005 - April 2011 (First Officer, IT department, Border Police Romania)
Responsable for IT departament on Airport Otopeni-Bucharest. Working with foxpro, mysql, php, network administration, active directory Working on SISF Project ( Schengen Integrated System for Border Security) .
Feb 2005 - Dec 2005 (Junior Software Developer, Petar Computers SRL - Romania)
Working with C#, Visual Studio 2005, .Net Framework 2.0, Windows Forms, MSSQL 2000 in a project that manage documents workflow for a public notary.